Master Strap Automatic

We offer a fully automatic mobile strapping machine to work in tandem with the block machines, on similar cycle times. The current strapping heads can now be lowered much more, thus allowing the pack of blocks to be strapped on the ground. This machine can strap all types of blocks and brick. Advantages of this machine include less energy being used and faster cycle time. Increased safety when strapping damaged or broken blocks. On tests this type of machine can strap one complete cycle in 19.5 seconds.

Main Features include:

  • Driven by Deutz 3 cylinder air cooled generator
  • 17 KVA Leroy Somer alternator
  • Twin drive motors on back wheels
  • All wheels 355-mm diameter for rough terrain
  • Yuken C top 3 Solenoids
  • Three hydraulic filters
  • Maximum steer at end of rows
  • High Pressure hydraulic cylinders
  • Strapping head controlled by Siemens PLC
  • Main Electrics controlled by Mitsubishi PLC
  • Data Access fitted for fine-tuning to suit all types of blockyards
  • Strapping roll protected in sealed enclosure
  • Optional double strap on each drop
  • Twin Electronic eyes for precise steering
  • Lights fitted on front and back of machine
  • The Master Strapper can be used all types of product range i.e: from 215mm to 500mm


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