The Mc Girr MG24 range of machines is aimed extensively at the export market. This compact, all purpose, user friendly machine has been adapted to suit each environment from all corners of the globe. From solids to cavity to the very specialised insulated concrete block, the Mc Girr MG24 can do it all.

  • Semi-Automatic operation with preset facility for travel and mould vibration
  • Electric-Hydraulic 380/400 Volt, 50 Hz, 3-phase power requirement
  • Hydrostatic transmission with individual high torque hydraulic motor on each drive wheel at the rear of machine
  • Large capacity feedtray with filler rake – one filling is sufficient for any mould
  • Double action Tamper Head gives better product compaction, therefore higher product density and more positive demoulding
  • Typical cycle time 27 – 32 seconds, for cavity and solid block,
  • Product height range 180mm – 300mm
  • Maximum mould area 1300mm x 950mm
  • Safety guards all round incorporating captive key safety locking system
  • Adaptation for the production of insulated blocks can be easily removed from the main body of the machine to facilitate mould changing
  • One full set of heavy duty, high frequency, and interchangeable, variable amplitude mould vibrators, comprising 4 no. Vibrator elements with individual motors, mounting plates, cables and plugs
  • Hopper capacity 1.75m3
  • Capable of manufacturing up to 1,400 8 inch hollow blocks per hour
  • Capable of manufacturing up to 2,800 4 inch solid blocks per hour


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