Strap & Stack

The latest addition to the block handling equipment is the new Strap and Stack machine. The machine was produced in 2004 as a world first. Today there are many of the machines working and reducing the running costs of a concrete block factory. The remote controlled Strap and Stack can hanlde upto 50,000 blocks during a standard working day on approimately 4 gallon of diesel.

  • Fully automatic Strap and Stack machine – no operator required
  • Programmed to suit blockyard – stacks up to 4 bales high and 4/6/8 bales of Hollow blocks.
  • Significant time saved – straps and stacks one bale of blocks in approx 20 seconds
  • Electrics are controlled by Mitsubushi PLC Control
  • Machine powered by three cylinder Deutz air cooled generator
  • Safety guards all round incorporating captive key safety locking system
  • Choice of strapping heads from two major manufacurers
  • Optional extras include – Automatic greasing system & Compressor
  • Leaves forklift operator free to load blocks onto lorry or stockpile


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